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This week’s special feature explores the topic of “Alcohol as Risk Factor for the HIV/ AIDS Epidemic and the Potential of Policy Solutions”.
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Alcohol Issues Newsletter November 26 – December 05, 2022

This week’s Alcohol Issues top stories

  • Argentina: Parliament Set to Adopt Zero-Alcohol While Driving Bill.
  • Rise in Age-Standardized Rate of Alcohol-Induced Liver Diseases.
  • Fetus’ Exposure to Even Small Amounts of Alcohol Changes Baby’s Brain Structure.
  • Finland: People Want Public Interest, Not Alcohol Lobby to Inform Alcohol Policy Making.

This week’s most read stories

  • Cyprus: Alcohol, Car Ads Must Soon Include Mandatory Road Safety Messages.
  • France: People Are Increasingly Interested in Alcohol-Free Wine.
  • Finland: Alcohol Sales Fall as Affordability Declines.
  • South Africa: Link Between Alcohol and Rising Crime Rate.

Alcohol Issues Special Feature – No. 41

Special Feature for World AIDS Day 2022

Alcohol as Risk Factor for the HIV/ AIDS Epidemic and the Potential of Policy Solutions

December 01 marks World AIDS Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection and mourning those who have died of the disease.

This Special Feature explores the lethal interaction between alcohol and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Considerations of alcohol harms and alcohol policy solutions in the context of stepping up action to end HIV/AIDS are essential and require bigger attention.

The Special Feature on Alcohol as Risk Factor for the HIV/ AIDS Epidemic and the Potential of Policy Solutions contains the following chapters:

  1. Understanding the problem and the potential of alcohol policy solutions
    1. Alcohol policy is a catalyst for achieving the global goals towards ending the HIV/ AIDS epidemic.
  2. Latest studies on the lethal interaction between alcohol and HIV/AIDS
    1. Movendi International has curated recent studies to shed light on the lethal interaction between alcohol and HIV/AIDS – and its multiple pathways:
      1. linking alcohol with gender-based violence and HIV; 
        • the need for alcohol behavior interventions to prevent HIV/ AIDS; and 
          1. the case of Eswatini illustrating the problem of alcohol use among people living with HIV/AIDS.
  3. Overview of relevant scientific studies
    1. curated selection of studies illustrates the role alcohol harm plays in the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
  4. The prevalence of alcohol use in people living with HIV/AIDS
  5. The healthcare and health system response
  6. Alcohol harm in People Living With HIV/ AIDS

The Alcohol Issues Podcast

The Alcohol Issues Podcast is an original production by Movendi International. It’s a show about current alcohol issues of global importance. Through in-depth conversations with policy makers, community leaders and scientists, we explore alcohol policy issues, discuss landmark scientific studies, and expose the alcohol industry.

The Alcohol Issues Podcast is a unique resource to stay updated about latest developments in the field of alcohol policy and science. We make complex issues more easily understandable and drive the global conversation about modern alcohol policy solutions.

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