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PAHO Webinar: Alcohol and COVID-19 in the Americas

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed alcohol use patterns in a variety of ways. These changes are, in part, the result of the public policies aimed at controlling the spread of the virus as well as changes in alcohol policies. The objective of this webinar is to review the current situation regarding alcohol consumption, policies and responses in the Americas in the context of COVID-19, and to discuss what can be done as we move forward to reduce the harmful use of alcohol and build more resilient health systems while we continue to contend with the COVID-19 pandemic.

WHO Webinar: Protecting Alcohol Control Policies from Vested Interests

Translating public health evidence into policy changes is not a linear process due to concurrent priorities and conflicting agendas. Evidence shows that protecting policy development from vested interests is essential to decrease the burden of diseases. This webinar reflects on the governance tools that countries can apply to protect and promote health and well-being when developing alcohol control policies. The target audience is policymakers, government representatives, civil society groups, media and researchers. This event is co-organized by the Italian National Institute of Health, Movendi International, the Pan American Health Organization and the Department of Health Promotion at the World Health Organization.

World Health Organization Regional Committee Meetings: Americas

There are three governing bodies for the Pan Health American Organization (PAHO): The Pan American Sanitary Conference, the Directing Council, and the Executive Committee. The Council meets every year that the Conference does not meet in the regional committee meeting.

Women, Alcohol Consumption and the COVID-19 Pandemic

This webinar will discuss issues related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women's health and how alcohol marketing, policies and interventions have affected them during this period in terms of alcohol consumption, as well as their implications for equity and the building of health systems that are responsive to gender differences and the needs of women across their life span.

Launch of the High-level Commission on Mental Health and COVID-19

The pandemic has therefore created an opportunity for strengthening and improving mental health using transformational approaches to build back better and fairer. To achieve this, however, far greater political will, financing, community mobilization, and social change are needed to ensure that mental health is afforded the priority it deserves, as part of rebuilding health and social systems, post COVID-19. To this end, the Pan American Health Organization has established a High-Level Commission on Mental Health and COVID-19 to guide the Organization and its Member States in improving mental health in the Americas.

PAHO, WHO & Vital Strategies Webinar: Safeguarding Public Health

The objective of this webinar is to support decision-makers who protect effective alcohol regulations by raising awareness of conflicts of interests, summarizing the current evidence on interference from the alcohol industry in public health policy as well as discuss best practices.