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Drug And Alcohol Review: Special Issue On Intimate Partner Violence

Editors: Dr Gail Gilchrist (King’s College London) and Professor Kelsey Hegarty (University of Melbourne)
Special Issue: Intimate partner violence and substance misuse January 2017 Volume 36, Issue 1 Pages 1–145 Issue edited by: Gail Gilchrist, Kelsey Hegarty
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    Drug and Alcohol Review
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Drug And Alcohol Review: Special Issue On Intimate Partner Violence

A Special Issue on Intimate partner violence and substance misuse has just been published by Drug and Alcohol Review edited by Dr Gail Gilchrist (King’s College London) and Professor Kelsey Hegarty (University of Melbourne).

This special issue provides commentaries, debate, reviews and primary research that contribute to our understanding of the role of alcohol and other drugs in intimate partner and dating violence, and desistance from violence; that identify the pathways to and factors associated with different types of IPV; and that offer solutions for responding to IPV among people who use substances.

The series emphasises the urgent need for tailored integrated interventions to address different types of IPV among substance users.”

The special issue contains the following articles, open access:

  1. Editorial: Tailored integrated interventions for intimate partner violence and substance use are urgently needed
  2. Commentary: Thirty years of research show alcohol to be a cause of intimate partner violence: Future research needs to identify who to treat and how to treat them (pages 7–9)
  3. Commentary: The broader context of preventing alcohol-related intimate partner violence (pages 10–12)
  4. Commentary: Treatment of alcohol-related violence: Integrating evidence from general violence and IPV treatment research (pages 13–16)
  5. Commentary: Cannabis use and dating violence among college students: A call for research (pages 17–19)
  6. Brief report: Alcohol use, alcohol-related aggression and intimate partner abuse: A cross-sectional survey of convicted versus general population men in Scotland (pages 20–23)
  7. Original paper: The prevalence and factors associated with ever perpetrating intimate partner violence by men receiving substance use treatment in Brazil and England: A cross-cultural comparison (pages 34–51)
  8. Original paper: Accounting for intimate partner violence perpetration. A cross-cultural comparison of English and Brazilian male substance users’ explanations (pages 64–71)
  9. Original paper: Alcohol’s involvement in an array of harms to intimate partners (pages 72–79)
  10. Original paper: Deconstructing the associations between executive functioning, problematic alcohol use and intimate partner aggression: A dyadic analysis (pages 88–96)
  11. Original paper: Pathways from witnessing parental violence during childhood to involvement in intimate partner violence in adult life: The roles of depression and substance use (pages 107–114)
  12. Original paper: Living the cycle of drinking and violence: A qualitative study of women’s experience of alcohol-related intimate partner violence (pages 115–124)
  13. Original paper: The role of alcohol as men desist from physical intimate partner violence (pages 134–142)

Source Website: Drug and Alcohol Review