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BLOG: Charlize Theron Promotes SDG3, Or Does She?

Exposing contradictory messaging in efforts to raise awareness of the new sustainable development goals. We need to hold UN agencies to a higher standard when they select celebrities for collaboration on noble causes. Charlize is not the only example where commercial activities run directly counter to social causes…

NEWS: Australia: Sports Help Drown Kids In Alcohol Ads

A new study has revealed that Australian Football League (AFL), National Rugby League (NRL) and Cricket are promoting alcohol to children. Research from Monash University shows that Australian children and adolescents receive millions of exposures to alcohol advertising when watching AFL, NRL, and Cricket on TV. Almost half of the total amount of exposures (47%) are occurring during children’s daytime viewing.

NEWS: South Africa: Failing To Curb FASD Epidemic

South Africa fails to tackle its high foetal alcohol syndrome rate. Although South Africa has the highest foetal alcohol syndrome rate in the world, the government’s efforts to address the problem have been inadequate. And the self-regulatory practices of the alcohol industry have not helped in tackling the root causes of the disease…

NEWS: Alcohol Labeling Is Failing

A new study revelas: Australia’s current system of alcohol warning labels is failing to effectively convey health messages to the public. Researchers of Deakin University’s School of Psychology analysed awareness of the voluntary warning labels and examined recognition of the ‘Get the facts’ logo that is supposed to direct alcohol consumers to the alcohol industry-led informational website DrinkWise. The scientists also studied whether alcohol consumers actually visited this website.

NEWS: MUP Not Precluded By EU Law

European Court of Justice advocate general Yves Bot said in an official opinion that the Minimum Unit Pricing policy, intended to be introduced in Scotland and other European countries, is not precluded by EU law.
In the official opinion, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) said Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) would only be legal if it could be shown that no other mechanism could deliver the desired public health benefits. He also cautioned that MUP risked infringing EU rules on free trade and the principle of free movement of goods…

BLOG: Alcohol Control Under Military Government

Thailand has become more fragile recently, due to the ongoing conflict inside the government which still hasn’t been resolved. Nevertheless, the Alcohol Control Policy has made some progress. But we cannot rest since there are a lot of lobbying attacks being waged against health promotion measures…

NEWS: Australia: Children Inundated By Alcohol Ads

A new Australian study has found that children who love to watch sport on television are more likely to get exposed to alcohol ads than those who watch non-sport TV. These new findings are questioning the effectiveness of advertising regulations designed to protect children.

BLOG: Not Pretty: When The Markets Talk Children

Markets don’t know anything about child well being. And the actors of the markets do not care. They don’t care a bit about the welfare of our communities and the future of our children. Therefore, instead of focusing on investment for Big Alcohol and growing target populations to be persuaded to take up alcohol use, let’s shift the focus to a more humane and sustainable approach…