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IOGT-NTO Sweden: Alcohol Ads Avalanche

IOGT-NTO Sweden: Alcohol Ads Avalanche Social Media

IOGT-NTO in Sweden has commissioned a survey to collect data on alcohol marketing exposure in Sweden and is now calling on the government to take action, especially to bette protect young people in Sweden.

Two of three think alcohol advertising in the social media is negative, according to a new survey. The survey also shows that young people are exposed to twice as much alcohol ads as adults.

The survey has been conducted by Novus, and was commissioned by IOGT-NTO.

In reaction to the survey results, IOGT-NTO urges the Swedish government to swiftly improve the situation. Alcohol marketing is illegal in Sweden and yet young people are exposed to loads of alcohol industry messages.

Data shows that during an average week, youth (15 to 24-year olds) is exposed to 280 positive messages about alcohol, of which more than 50% appear on social media. Alcohol marketing causes earlier onset of alcohol use among youth and to more alcohol use of those youth who are already consuming.

The danger is that we do not see the damage alcohol causes and that it normalizes a harmful alcohol culture,” says Johnny Mostacero, President of IOGT-NTO.

The World Health Organization recommends governments to implement the so called three best buys to cost-effectively reduce and prevent alcohol harm and improve public health. Those are public policy measures that increase affordability, decrease availability and regulate marketing or ban advertising and sponsorship of alcohol.

IOGT-NTO demands a complete ban of alcohol advertising from social media, as several EU member states are also exploring policy options.

Source Website: IOGT-NTO (Swedish)