Founded in 1879 IOGT-NTO is Sweden’s largest temperance movement and is politically and religiously independent. IOGT-NTO’s vision is a society, a world, where alcohol and other drugs don’t hinder human beings from leading a rich and free life.

IOGT-NTO works to support and empower people who have or have had alcohol and other drug problems. The organizations also works to raise awareness about the effects on children and young people when adults are using alcohol. Both domestically and internationally, IOGT-NTO supports prevention work to prevent and reduce use of harmful substances. And IOGT-NTO also conducts development aid, supporting grass-roots and community organizations to curb alcohol harm and foster democracy and sustainable development in East Africa, South-East Asia, and the Balkans.

IOGT-NTP has 30.000 members who all choose to live life free from alcohol and other drugs. Together they create alcohol-free environments, shatter the alcohol norm in Sweden and empower people to make free choices.