Germany on Father’s Day: Alcohol Fuels Highest Road Traffic Toll

Data from the Federal Statistical Office show that in Germany alcohol fuels the highest road traffic toll on Father’s Day.

In 2019, there were 263 alcohol-related road traffic accidents on Father’s Day compared to the 98 on other days of the year. In 160 of the alcohol-related accidents, people were injured. This was the highest number of people injured in alcohol-related accidents. 67 people were seriously injured and 1 person died.

Data show that Father’s Day has been leading in alcohol-related traffic accidents for many years.

There is also an above-average number of accidents where at least one of the participants is alcohol intoxicated on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and on May 1st. These are all days when alcohol consumption spikes customarily in Germany.

According to police reports, about 2% of the 800,000 professional drivers on the roads of Germany have an alcohol problem, meaning up to 7000 drivers. Despite the high number of people driving under the influence of alcohol in Germany, action by the government for alcohol prevention remains lacking.

Germany: Massive Harm yet No Policy Change