WHO Europe Launches Podcast, Discusses Alcohol Labelling Report

The World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe has launched a new podcast. The first episode is set to discuss and explore the topic of alcohol policy.

‘Health in Europe’ is a new podcast from the WHO Europe. WHO works with thousands of inspiring and driven individuals and groups, and this podcast is about hearing their stories and how they might impact your day-to-day life.

The first episode of the podcast focuses on the Health Evidence Network report on how the poor labelling of alcoholic drinks leaves consumers in the dark about what is in the bottle. This is available on multiple podcast platforms. Download and subscribe to Health in Europe by following the links on the podcast’s homepage below.

What’s in the bottle?

The first podcast of the first season was released on June 23. It discusses the latest WHO Europe report on alcohol labelling in the WHO European region.

The podcast explores questions such as:

  1. Would you buy or consume a product without knowing what’s in it?
  2. What about one that’s known to cause a range of diseases including cancer?
  3. Would you expect these products to carry a warning or at least a list of ingredients?

With this set of questions, WHO Europe welcomes listeners to their first ever Health In Europe podcast.

Highlighting WHO’s work

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO has received a great deal of public attention as it works with countries and partners to provide the latest evidence-based information and guidance and coordinates the response to the virus.

In addition to its work on the coronavirus, WHO aims to tackle many other health issues around the world. From addressing noncommunicable diseases, such as cancer and diabetes, to eradicating polio, to gathering evidence on best practices in digital health, to understanding behaviours attributable to vaccine hesitancy, WHO works with experts and leaders within global health to ensure the development of, and access to, life-saving and life-changing health interventions.

WHO Europe: New Report on Alcohol Labelling

WHO in the European Region

WHO/Europe works across 53 Member States to improve and deliver health. Following the appointment of Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge in February 2020, the Regional Office has been working towards delivering the European Programme of Work, United Action for Better Health.

This programme includes the four flagship areas of digital health, mental health, immunization and behavioural insights, and will be the main focus of upcoming podcast episodes before WHO/Europe’s annual governance session – the 70th WHO Regional Committee for Europe – in September this year.