February 14 – February 18, 2022
Welcome to No. 05 of Movendi International’s Weekly Alcohol Issues Newsletter, 2022, with carefully curated alcohol policy news, latest highlights from our science digest and brand new Big Alcohol revelations.
This week’s special feature is dedicated Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and a European Parliament vote that did everything Big Alcohol had asked for to undermine cancer prevention.
This newsletter comes with our latest Alcohol Issues Podcast episode (Season 2, Ep. 4) and alerts about two upcoming events.

Special Feature – No. 05

Big Wine Attacks European Cancer Prevention Efforts

Alcohol industry lobbying, especially from an unhinged wine industry, made the alcohol policy elements of the report by the European Parliament’s Special Committee on Beating Cancer (BECA) the most controversial of the entire debate.
In this Special Feature, we shine a light on the discussion and decision in the European Parliament after Big Alcohol lobbying.

According to IOGT-NTO analysis, out of 70 MEPs speaking, 25 MEPs specifically talked about alcohol and many of those echoed Big Alcohol talking points and myths.

Eventually, the European Parliament voted in favor of Big Alcohol and against scientifically proven alcohol policy solutions in the effort to beat cancer in Europe.

With the help of IOGT-NTO experts in Brussels, we provide analysis of the changes made and how they reflect alcohol industry positions.

The European Commission’s Beating Cancer Plan, as well as the BECA-report contained sound, scientifically unimpeachable, and cost-effective alcohol policy solutions to advance cancer prevention and protect more people from cancer in Europe.

But the alcohol industry mobilized immediately to lobby against alcohol policy improvement, such as informing people in Europe about the fact that alcohol causes cancer through warning labels on all alcohol products.

The Alcohol Issues Podcast

S2 E4: Big Alcohol’s Attack on the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan

The products and practices of the alcohol industry cause a massive burden of harm. But most people remain unaware of this extent and severity of alcohol harm. One reason why is because Big Alcohol aggressively blocks this knowledge from reaching the public. The alcohol industry uses various strategies to cast doubt about the science but they do more than that: alcohol industry lobbyists interfere against public health policy making that aims to protect people and communities from alcohol harm.

Right now such a battle between corporate profit interest versus people’s health is taking place in the European Parliament.

In this episode Maik Dünnbier talks with Emil Juslin and Runa Neely of IOGT-NTO’s Brussels office about what is unfolding in the European Parliament. There’s no better guest to speak to about alcohol industry interference in the European Parliament, than IOGT-NTO – that has a permanent presence in the center of EU policy making. This discussion is a case study of alcohol industry interference in real time.

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