This special feature reports on digital alcohol marketing and the harms it causes, as communities from around the world are calling on Netflix to exclude alcohol ads from the streaming service.

In November, Netflix will start rolling out its new and cheaper ad-supported package “basic with ads” for $6.99, per month. Netflix has decided to exclude certain advertisements, such as gambling ads from this new ad plan.

A group of over 50 signatories representing communities from around the world has sent a letter to the Chairman of Netflix calling on the streaming service to extend the exclusion of adverting to alcohol ads in the new tier.

Movendi International and 40 member and partner organizations from countries around the world with big Netflix markets have endorsed the letter.

Their letter highlights several facts about the harm caused by the alcohol industry:

  • Globally, alcohol is causally linked to over 200 disease and injury conditions.
  • 3 million lives are lost each year due to alcohol.
  • Alcohol consumption during pregnancy causes Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), a lifelong disability.

Research projects have previously exposed harmful alliances between Netflix and health harmful industries, including Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol.

Alcohol content on Netflix promotes consumption among young people. Alcohol content occurs frequently in original films shown by video-on-demand services.

For a deep dive into the harmful effects of digital alcohol marketing and its growing prevalence, Movendi International provides a dedicated Science Digest Digital Alcohol Marketing.

Source Website: Alcohol Issues Newsletter – No. 35