In 2023, Movendi International published more than 400 stories on our Alcohol Issues News Center: Alcohol policy news, science digests, community solutions, opinion columns, and guest expert blog posts.
Some of this reporting, analysis, and resources received significant attention and helped shape the alcohol policy discourse. In this story we provide an overview of the most popular content in 2023.

Welcome to the Special Edition 2023 Review of the Alcohol Issues Newsletter.
In the 2023 Review of Alcohol Issues, we provide an overview the most popular content on our News Center of the year:

  • 5 most popular alcohol policy news stories,
  • 5 most popular science digest updates,
  • 5 good news stories from community action in 2023,
  • 3 most read guest expert blog posts, and
  • 3 most read opinion columns.

The 5 most popular alcohol policy stories

The 5 most popular science digest updates

Movendi International published more than 140 alcohol policy news stories in 2023. The five most popular alcohol policy news stories were:

  1. Uganda: New WHO Data Reveal Worryingly High Levels of Alcohol Use
  2. World Health Assembly Adopts More Best Buys to Tackle NCDs, Reconfirms Impact of Alcohol Policy Best Buys
  3. Sri Lanka Raises Alcohol Tax (Twice) to Reduce Alcohol Costs, Increase Government Revenue
  4. Germany: Government Alcohol Policy Advisor Calls for Alcohol Policy Paradigm Shift
  5. New World Heart Report Addresses Role of Alcohol Fueling World’s Number One Killer

Movendi International published more than 70 alcohol issues science digests in 2023. The five most popular science digest updates were:

  1. World Health Organization: No Level of Alcohol Use Is Safe for our Health
  2. World Health Statistics 2023 Show Progress on Alcohol Use and Need for Accelerated Action As Risk Exposure Remains High
  3. New Report: Alcohol and Blood Pressure
  4. Embracing the Non-Traditional: Alcohol Advertising on TikTok
  5. New Comprehensive Meta-Analysis Finds Low-Volume Alcohol Use Increases Risk of All-Cause Mortality

Five good news stories from community action in 2023

Movendi International covers high-impact community action to protect people from alcohol harm and promote development for all through alcohol policy. In 2023 we saw at least five good news from community action:

  1. Rwanda Launches Campaign to Protect Youth From Rising Alcohol Harm
  2. Ireland: Communities Express Need to Raise Alcohol Tax
  3. Movendi International, IOGT-NTO, and Scandinavian partners launch new report: Even Small Amounts of Alcohol Can Be Harmful to Blood Pressure and Lead to Hypertension
  4. Addictions France Wins Lawsuit Against Meta Over Alcohol Ads (This story was among the most read News Center stories in 2023.) 
  5. Red PaPaz Wins Litigation Against Alcohol Delivery Service in Colombia

3 most read guest expert blog posts

  1. By Nayib José Chalela Ambrad: “What Alcohol Companies Really Care About When They Rainbow-Wash Their Products and Marketing”
  2. By Emil Juslin & Lisa Österman: “Big Alcohol wants to keep people in the dark about the dangers of their products”
  3. By Alessandro Gallina: “Alcohol Policy is Back on the Agenda with the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and its Focus on Prevention”

3 most read opinion columns

  1. By Kristina Sperkova: “6 Reasons Why New WHO Comment on Health and Cancer Risks From Low Dose Alcohol Use Is a Game Changer”
  2. By Maik Dünnbier: “Ten Years at the World Health Assembly”
  3. By Labram Musah Massawudu: “How Ghana Passed an Ambitious Alcohol Excise Tax Increase and What Comes Next”

Source Website: Keep Updated with Movendi International