In 2023, Movendi International published more than 400 resource articles on our Alcohol Issues News Center. Among them we curated seven landmark alcohol policy tools, manuals, and other resources from the World Health Organization.

Welcome to the Special Edition 2023 Review of the Alcohol Issues Newsletter.

2023 was a big year with regards to new landmark alcohol policy tools and manuals, briefs, and other key resources develöoed by the World Health Organization to inform and support evidence-based alcohol policy making, reporting about alcohol issues, and community action.

In the 2023 Review of Alcohol Issues, we collect seven landmark tools, manuals, and resources from the World Health Organization regarding alcohol issues in 2023:

  1. World Health Organization Comment in The Lancet: No Level of Alcohol Use Is Safe for our Health
  2. WHO Releases Updated Recommendations on Treatment of Substance Use Conditions
  3. A New Agenda for Mental Health in the Americas Recommends Alcohol Policy Action
  4. WHO Publishes Reporting About Alcohol Guide For Journalists
  5. WHO Europe Training Course on Alcohol and Public Health in Europe
  6. New WHO Brief on NoLo Alcohol Products Released
  7. WHO Calls on Countries to Raise Alcohol Taxes to Prevent Deaths and Promote Health for All

Source Website: Keep Updated with Movendi International