One day for a global celebration of the alcohol-free way of life in all its shapes, ways and forms. One day for a global celebration of all the benefits of alcohol-free choices.

One day to share sober inspiration. One day to celebrate sober choices – short- or long-term, big or small ones. One day to portray the diversity of the people going alcohol-free and their perspectives. One day to bring people together around alcohol freedom.

October 3, every year, is World Alcohol-Free Day©.

Get engaged in the celebration

On October 3, people and communities around the world organize activities, take over social media, create alcohol-free environments, arrange events, and spread sober inspiration in their societies through small and big actions.

Tell your story

Tell your story about the benefits of going alcohol-free as you experience it.

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Our virtual conference to discuss exciting topics with trailblazing leaders.

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2020 World Alcohol-Free Day Activities

This year’s celebrations comprise four awesome elements, of course taking into consideration the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The flagship event is our World Alcohol-Free Day virtual conference.

The other three key elements are:

  1. Crowd-sourced stories about the benefits of going alcohol-free;
  2. Exciting recipes for alcohol-free drinks; and
  3. Social media assets to share facts about the alcohol-free way of life.
Flagship event (series): Sober Inspiration Talks
Billions of people live alcohol-free: Here are their stories
Exciting drinks you can refill boundlessly
Social media assets: Get in on the social media fun.

Sober Inspiration Talks

The flagship event of the 2020 World Alcohol-Free Day© is our virtual conference: Sober Inspiration Talks.

We are celebrating World Alcohol-Free Day© by exploring key topics related to alcohol-free choices. With the Sober Talks series, we unite the global community of sober and sober curious people around inspiring leaders, trailblazers and innovative efforts to increase the attractiveness of alcohol-free choices.

Listen in and learn, Discuss and interact, contribute and share the sober inspiration.

We are covering different topics, such as: alcohol norm, alcohol-free challenges, and promoting well-being. And more are in the pipeline.

The Alcohol Norm – #1 Sober Inspiration Talk

Join Ann Dowsett Johnston, Farida Al-Abani, and Millie Gooch for a conversation about the alcohol norm – moderated by Kristina Sperkova, the International President of Movendi International.

All three of our rockstar speakers have unique perspectives, innovative thoughts and lots of experience with working to shatter the current alcohol norm and establish a new, fresher, freer and more inclusive social norm.

Ann Dowsett Johnston is the author of the bestselling book ‘Drink: The Intimate Relationship between women and alcohol’.

Farida Al-Abani is secretary general of the Think Tank Nocturum – new perspectives on alcohol.

Millie Gooch is a writer and the founder of Sober Girl Society.

Ann Dowsett Johnston
Farida Al-Abani
Millie Gooch

This Sober Inspiration Talk is about exploring all aspects of the alcohol norm, for instance how it limits people’s freedom, how it affects women, what the current alcohol norm means for people with alcohol problems, and what the alcohol norm means for anyone who wants to make an alcohol-free choice – for whatever reason or period of time.

Date: October 3, 2020

Time: 1PM UTC

Place: ZOOM

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Alcohol-Free Challenges – #2 Sober Inspiration Talk

Join another set of outstanding leaders, innovators and trailblazers for a conversation about potential and impact of alcohol-free challenges – moderated by Kristina Sperkova, the International President of Movendi International.

There are so many inspiring and successful examples of alcohol-free challenges around the world that are using different tools to support and help people around the world to reduce and quit alcohol and just to enjoy the alcohol-free way of life – for whatever reasons and time periods.

Hello Sunday Morning, Dry January, One Year No Beer, This Naked Mind – are some of the most well-known and outstanding platforms and we look forward to a conversation about what the reasons for success are, lessons learned, and future developments.

Date: October 3, 2020

Time: TBD

Place: ZOOM

Promoting well-being holistically – #3 Sober Inspiration Talk

Join another set of outstanding leaders, innovators and trailblazers for a conversation about promoting well-being holistically – moderated by Kristina Sperkova, the International President of Movendi International.

There are awesome businesses and opportunities available now to empower people and communities to increase and promote well-being – and to do so holistically. Maybe it has never been so easy for such a large number of people worldwide to get support and use innovative to make healthy lifestyle choices for their well-being.

We bring together some of the most innovative and successful leaders to discuss the rising interest in health and well-being, why that is and what the future might hold; we will discuss what kind of support people need and will be needing and what the biggest lessons are in promoting well-being holistically.

Date: October 3, 2020

Time: TBD

Place: ZOOM

Crowd-sourced stories about the benefits of the alcohol-free way of life

There are billions of people worldwide who enjoy the alcohol-free way of life. And they have different reasons, perspectives and stories to tell about their experiences – especially regarding the benefits of going alcohol-free.

Watch people’s stories

Here you can find the stories, testimonials and experiences of people from around the world about the benefits of the alcohol-free way of life.

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Share you own story

Get involved and share the inspiration! What are the ebenfits you most cherish and what are your experiences with the alcohol-free way of life?

Please share your story here.

Exciting Alcohol-Free Recipes

Cheers to World Alcohol-Free Day!

To celebrate in fine fashion, we have created an amazing Drinks Book with lots of exciting drinks – for every occasion.

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Social media Assets – Share Sober Inspiration Online

We have prepared a set of social media assets for YOU!

Feel free to use them to join in the celebrations, spread the message and share Sober Inspiration online.

For this year’s World Alcohol-Free Day© we have prepared assets with a twist: facts about the alcohol-free way of life. Check it out and see if you knew all these facts.

Download the social media assets for free to use them for the celebration of World Alcohol-Free Day©.