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This week’s special feature dives into the journey “Towards a Modern, Comprehensive Alcohol Law in Uganda”, starting from late breaking developments: Parliament Prioritizes Development of Alcohol Law With MP Opendi Taking the Lead.
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Alcohol Issues Newsletter November 07 – November 11, 2022

This week’s Alcohol Issues highlights

  • UK: Alcohol Harm Burdens Society Heavily, But Broad Coalition Calls for Alcohol Policy Improvements.
  • Third Edition of “Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity”: Opportunities for Preventing Alcohol Harm Are Clearer Than Ever.
  • Cambodia: Opposition to Alcohol Industry Sponsorship of Educational Institutions.

This week’s most popular stories

  • Netherlands: Community Concerns Over Growing Availability of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Apps for Alcohol Purchases.
  • Kenya: New Government Steps Up Alcohol Policy Action.
  • Burden of Disease in Germany: Alcohol Use Disorders Leading Causes of DALY Among Young Adults.
  • Mexico: Broad Coalition Promotes Alcohol Denormalization and Policy Solutions.

Special Feature – No. 38

Towards a Modern, Comprehensive Alcohol Law in Uganda

Latest: Parliament Prioritizes Development of Alcohol Law With MP Opendi Taking the Lead

MP Sarah Opendi has gotten the support of the Parliament to draft the Alcohol Control Bill. MP Opendi pointed out to her colleagues that the existing legislation regulating the manufacture, sale, and consumption of alcohol products is outdated and does not address the current issues and harms faced by Ugandan people and communities. 

Some of the current alcohol laws in Uganda, such as The Liquor Act Cap. 93, The Portable Spirits Act Cap. 97, and the Enguli Act (Manufacturing and Licensing Act Cap. 86) were enacted as far back as the 1960s.

The effort to develop an evidence-based, comprehensive, and cost-effective way to the heavy alcohol burden in Uganda is story of ups and downs – over decades.

In 2019, the national alcohol policy was adopted in Uganda – one of the countries with the highest rates of alcohol consumption and related harm in the world. But it took several more years until it was launched and implemented.

The story of alcohol policy development is about inspiring civil society dedication and efforts. It’s a story of aggressive (and continuing) alcohol industry interference. It’s a story of trial and error, success and failure.

Movendi International has chronicled the journey towards a modern and comprehensive alcohol law in Uganda over the years – with more than 40 articles since 2013.

Alcohol policy developments over the years

The science: Understanding alcohol harm and policy options in Uganda

Big Alcohol Exposed: How Western alcohol companies cause harm to people and communities in Uganda

Heart-driven: Movendi International members work to prevent and reduce alcohol harm to boost development in Uganda

The Alcohol Issues Podcast

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