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This week’s Special Feature reveals how Big Alcohol is fueling growing alcohol harm in women and girls around the world.
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July 31 – August 06, 2023

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  • Alcohol-Related Liver Disease: China Could Prevent Millions of Cases With More Ambitious Alcohol Policy.
  • UK: New Alcohol Duty Comes Into Effect Bringing Alcohol Tax System Closer to International Standards.

Alcohol Issues Special Feature – No. 31

Alcohol Harm As Women’s Rights Issue in 2023

How Big Alcohol fuels harm in women and girls and what can be done about it

United States, Germany, Kenya, India, and Australia – five countries as examples for how alcohol companies are driving alcohol use in women and what the consequences are for women.

Alcohol-related mortality is increasing in the US. A brand new study reveals that the increase is faster among women. 

Extensive analysis of data sourced from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, spanning over two decades shows that US women face growing alcohol harm at an alarming rate.
It is a development deliberately driven by alcohol companies and their marketing practices.

In Germany, deaths due to alcohol in women ages 45-74 have increased by 11% during the pandemic.

In India, Big Alcohol pushed state governments to allow alcohol e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic. This strategy converted more Indian women to alcohol consumers. While women consume less alcohol than men, a new survey shows more women reported increasing alcohol use since the pandemic.

And also in Australia, decades of targeting women through alcohol marketing has led to rising alcohol is in Australian women during their midlife. This threatens women’s health and increases the disease risk specific to women, caused by alcohol.

Guest expert opinion columnist Caroline Kahiu examines how the alcohol industry is trying to convert African women to alcohol consumption – and which consequences that is having now and in the future.

Big Alcohol’s Predatory Marketing in Pursuit of Female Consumers

The alcohol industry has switched from decades long use of women to sell alcohol – as sexualized, de-humanized objectives of beer and liquor marketing – to now targeting women and girls directly to convert them to alcohol consumption.

Movendi International exposes the strategies, tactics, and practices of alcohol companies to turn women into alcohol users.

Alcohol brand marketing encourages alcohol use to women through both perpetuating and challenging gender stereotypes.

Alcohol companies present their products as an important aspect of ‘having it all’; including slimness, grooming, fashionable clothing and accessories, meaningful friendships and the successful management of women’s multiple social roles (i.e. friend, mother, worker).

Alcohol companies are now moving away from sexualising and demeaning women, to the appropriation of feminist and equality messages.

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