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NEWS: Germany: Political Leaders Say Alcohol Jeopardizes Phyiscal Distancing

Armin Laschet (CDU) and Markus Söder (CSU) have made it clear that alcohol makes loosening coronavirus measures difficult.
In the opinion of the political leaders of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria, Germany’s most wealthy federal state, the serving of alcohol and people’s behavior under the influence of alcohol poses a major obstacle for the plans to relax COVID-19 measures. The alcohol on-trade and catering sectors are particularly affected.
Therefore, both political leaders have made it clear that a re-opening in May remains unlikely…

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BLOG: Why NOT To Call It “Social Distancing”

Even though opinion leaders and decision-makers and so many people are using the term “social distancing” we must ask what the concept actually means.
In their timely and eloquent blog post, Sanela and Matej are answering the question of the moment: why NOT to call our collective experience “social distancing”. And they offer a much better solution for how to talk about our reality during the COVID-19 crisis measures…

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NEWS: Virtual Tools, Real Help: Staying Sober During Pandemic

As physical meetings for individual counseling and mutual support groups have become impossible during the COVID-19 physical distancing and social solidarity measures, virtual tools are providing real help for people in recovery from substance use disorders, struggling to maintain their sobriety, or for people choosing to quit or reduce their alcohol use…

NEWS: Mindful Sobriety Is Booming

“Mindful Sobriety” is the new health and wellbeing trend, driven by millennials. The concept is simple, combining mindfulness with sobriety to question the relationship with alcohol and ask whether alcohol is really necessary.
Millennials who are more health and wellbeing conscious have been driving the sober or alcohol-free way of life around the world. The trend has been picking up and is becoming increasingly popular…