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  • Lucas Nilsson

    You’ve Never Thought About The Alcohol Norm In This Way Before

    The vast majority of the Swedish population does not value alcohol as an aspect of social gatherings. But the alcohol norm – not only in Sweden but across the world – seems to create a culture where people consume alcohol despite not wanting to.
    How come people’s preferences can be suppressed in such a scale?
    Why is it like that?
    Who benefits from this actually?
    In his revolutionary blog post, Lucas provides through-provoking answers to these questions. With the use of state-of-the-art science, he then suggests a completely new way to think about the role of alcohol in our societies…

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  • Kristina Sperkova

    The Story Of Absolut Vodka’s Latest Feminist Effort

    Can a “consumer whisperer” be an agent of societal change?
    Kristina is exploring this question in her latest blog post, as she dissects the attempts of Absolut Vodka to appear feminist.
    Read about the story of Big Alcohol’s latest attempt to capture the values (and attention and money) of empowered, emancipated women and other feminists and see how Kristina exposes the hypocrisy and contradictions of this latest campaign…

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  • Mona Örjes

    What the Coronavirus Pandemic Means for Vulnerable Children

    As societies are going into hibernation, people are to stay at home and self-isolate due to the coronavirus pandemic, vulnerable children have nowhere else to go than their dangerous homes, none else to turn to than unpredictable adults in their homes.
    In this important blog post, Mona helps us see this new situation with the eyes of affected children.
    Every day, millions of children suffer because their parents – or other adults in their lives – are a threat to them. Parents who have alcohol problems, parents who use other drugs, parents with mental illness, parents who are violent. The problem of children growing up in homes with parental alcohol problems is massive and so far has remained largely ignored despite the scale of the problem, the immense dangers to the health and wellbeing of affected children and the serious violations of children’s rights. The physical distancing and self-isolation measures during the COVID-19 pandemic are now compounding the situation of vulnerable children.
    Therefore, Mona explores the extent of the problem and what the current situation means for vulnerable children. And she sugests a number of remedies to protect children as much as possible…

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  • Kristina Sperkova

    Movendi’s Physical Distancing and Self-Isolation* Coping Kit

    A letter from Movendi International President Kristina to our members and friends worldwide.
    We have entered unexpected times when we are all of a sudden exposed to a completely unforseen situation, in which conditions change rapidly, and our lives have to be re-organized. Many countries have declared national crises. We see more and more quarantine orders being implemented and the requests for self-isolation and social distancing are urgent. Everyone is affected, every person, family, community and society. The most vulnerable are at greater risk than the more privileged ones and will, inevitably, be affected disproportionately.
    And so, the role that each of us and we together as a movement can play in the coming weeks and months also matters. Together, we can make a real difference. And everything starts with being there for one another, in our spirit of solidarity, that is core of our DNA.
    In this spirit, Movendi International will step up and do what we can do as global umbrella. We have devised four concrete measures that Kristina outlines and invites our members to join and participate in…

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