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  • Tungamirai Zimonte

    A Losing Match: Botswana Sports Welcomes Big Alcohol Sponsorship

    Sports bodies in Botswana are celebrating the return of alcohol sports sponsorship and alcohol sales during sporting events following the lifting of an alcohol sponsorship ban that was in place in the country.
    But Tunga makes the case that this is ultimately a losing match, putting Botswana’s children and youth in harm’s way.
    In a compelling blog with a series of powerful questions, Tunga illustrates the pitfalls and likely consequences of this new decision…

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  • Kalle Dramstad

    COVID-19 and Alcohol – Consumption Data Strengthens Case for Ambitious Alcohol Policy

    As Europe tentatively opens up, many are now looking back at how society was impacted by the first months of the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions. In this timely and compelling overview, Kalle presents what Swedish data can illustrate so far about the impact of the lockdowns on alcohol consumption and what it could teach us when we design alcohol policy in the future…

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  • William Ntakuka

    The Alcohol Policy Situation in East Africa During COVID-19

    Already before the current coronavirus crisis, alcohol harm placed a heavy burden on communities across East Africa. As COVID-19 struck the region and governments responded in different ways, numerous concerns emerged regarding another wave of alcohol harm.
    In this comprehensive blog post, William explores the aspects that matter most to this story: How are political leaders responding? How is the alcohol industry working to exploit the public health crisis? How have people respected or circumvented the alcohol-related lockdown measures and what has civil society done to stem the tide of alcohol harm?
    Lots of questions. And the answers are shocking, compelling, infuriating and hope inspiring…

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  • Aadielah Maker Diedericks

    The Situation In Southern African Countries Regarding Covid-19 And Alcohol: An Overview

    In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic Southern African leaders are making bold political choices to save the lives of their citizenry. One of these choices relates to the prevention and reduction of alcohol harm in the eight Southern African countries.
    Aadielah, Maurice and Tunga examine the responses in each of these countries and analyze challenges and opportunities. They also dive into similarities and differences among the countries and expose some of the strategies of the alcohol industry.
    In general, their timely blog post illustrates that alcohol is being addressed as a potential obstacle to the effective adoption of the key tools in the fight against COVID-19 – physical distancing and personal (hand) hygiene. To address this problem, there is, in most countries in the region, at least a partial ban on alcohol. Common to almost all is that bars, restaurants and nightclubs are shut down but, in some at least, bottle stores and other retail outlets that sell liquor are allowed to be open for a legislated period of time…

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