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Jun 16 '19, 9:00 AM - Jun 22 '19, 9:00 PM

The Summer Leadership Academy for Alcohol Harm Prevention 2019


summerLEAHP 2019 is the world’s first ever international summer school for bright young minds who want to take the lead in transforming student environments by addressing alcohol-related harm.

summerLEAHP 2019 is a unique hub for youth leaders to develop and enhance their skills, knowledge and capacities in leadership, communication, and advocacy for better and healthier university environments and norms.

summerLEAHP 2019 is a groundbreaking summer program driven by the students themselves in interactive sessions, facilitated by some of the world’s leading experts and activists in the fields of prevention, science, advocacy, communications, and leadership.

Key principles

  1. Delivering an inspiring and empowering mix of activities that foster: empowerment, participation, innovation, critical thinking and leadership.
  2. Venue(s) drive content and learning experience: provide different locations and spaces that facilitate exchange, intercultural learning and youth leadership.

Aims and objectives

  • Explore state-of-the-art evidence and knowledge:
    • Knowing what works and what doesn’t: understand alcohol harm, alcohol norm and alcohol expectations in university settings
  • Facilitate intercultural and international exchange and learning
    • Understanding your own settings, conditions and norms by practicing to see other frames and perspectives
    • Benefiting from international best practices and innovative approaches
  • Empower leadership
    • Learning by doing to enable bright young minds to shape the environments they live and study in
    • Identifying root problems and designing creative, compelling solutions
  • Inspire action
    • Plan, design, improve concrete and sustainable student-led action for transforming student environments

Program 2019

summerLEAHP 2019 provides state-of-the-art knowledge and know-how from some of the world’s best experts in their respective fields.

The focus of the overall program and each session in it is to enable and empower students’ critical thinking and their leadership to design, develop and ultimately implement evidence-based, innovative projects to transform student environments at the universities they study in.

Download the program here.

This event is supported by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia.


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