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Worldwide Alcohol Policy Newsletter Week #16


Week 16, April 13 – 19, 2020

Welcome to another week of carefully curated highlights from Alcohol Policy News, Latest Science Digest, and Big Alcohol Watch.

This week’s special feature deals with positive alcohol policy news.

Worldwide Alcohol Policy News

Worldwide alcohol policy news newsletter
  1. USA: People in Lockdown More into Alcohol than Healthcare.
    Read the complete story here…
  2. South Africa: The Struggle over COVID-19 Alcohol Sales Ban.
    Read the complete story here…
  3. New Orleans, USA: Perfect Storm of Alcohol Harm and COVID-19.
    Read the complete story here… 
  4. WHO: Restrict Alcohol Access During COVID-19 Lockdown.
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Worldwide Latest Science Digest

Latest Science Digest Newsletter
  1. “Impact of Bottle Size on In‐Home Consumption of Wine: A Randomized Controlled Cross‐Over Trial”
    Get to the digest of the research article here…
  2. “[Alcohol Use] Patterns Vary by Gender, Age and Country-Level Income: Cross-country Analysis of the International Alcohol Control Study”
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Worldwide Big Alcohol Watch

Big Alcohol Watch newsletter
  1. Big Alcohol Scrambles for Innovations to Protect Profits from COVID-19.
    Read the whole story here…
  2. “Collective Denial and the Surprises of Seeing Beyond the Alcohol Norm”
    Read this guest expert blog post by Lucy Rocca, the superstar behind Soberistas…

Special Feature:
Positive alcohol policy news

Russia: Alcohol Policy Reforms Yield Results

Alcohol policy reforms in Russia yield positive results for the country by reducing alcohol consumption and related harm.Russia used to hold the title for being one of the countries in the world with the highest alcohol consumption. Now the rank has fallen to 14th – on par with Germany and France. Twelve years ago Russian per capita alcohol use was about 15 litres per year. Now it has declined to about 10 litres…

Anchorage, USA: Voters Reject Big Alcohol, Back Alcohol Tax

Anchorage, USA held their Municipal election on April 7, 2020. As votes are tallied results show the people reject Big Alcohol and back the new alcohol tax measure. Despite a well-funded and aggressive Big Alcohol campaign against the proposed tax, it appears the people of Anchorage have rejected Big Alcohol and came out in support for higher alcohol taxation. Slightly over 51% have said yes to the tax increase…

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