Two significant days for me are, coincidently, very close to each other: The 2nd October is celebrated in India because it is  the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Maybe you know that Gandhi himself was a champion of temperance, peace and non-violence. And the next day, 3rd October, has been celebrated since 1938 as Temperance Day in the memory of John B. Finch.

Therefore Nada India used this coincidence to write to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment to declare the 2nd October to be a the National Temperance Day.

Nada India along with the Indian Temperance Youth Federation (ITYF), Vinoba  Ashram and the Vadodara , Prison department of the Gujarat Government, as well as the Nada Local Chapter Gujarat all observed Temperance Day in Central Jail among officials and prisoners. We discussed the problems and strategies to address the issues related to stress and alcoholism among the society in general and prison population in particular.

A Nada doctor volunteer asked me, why I am working with prison, which is used as a dumping and isolated place in the society. I replied that she is basically exploring a dump and isolated place in her self by working with prisons which are so dry, rigid and where the walls are so strong.

I think, this is how one can set “Life Free”.