Children must have their “Say” in the Media as active stake holders and contribute to world peace by making media more interactive.

Young Action for Change and Development (YACD) Rangpuri Pahari Slum New Delhi (YACD) a Network member of Nada India is an initiative of young people like Santosh ,Pratap, Ravi and many more whose parents migrated from Utter Pradesh, Bihar in search of better living and these young people are in search of their identity in a world of desperation, unequal and unjust.

These young people are working on themselves through Pehchaan Radio clubs by sharpening their leadership and communication skills, hands on experience in the use of means of mass communication (Radio, video production & internet etc.) and have been developing an understanding for the complex issues related to them and their communities in a more rational manner like education, livelihood, domestic violence, alcohol and other drugs and HIV/AIDS.

One of the major programs of Nada India Foundation is Pehchaan (Adolescent Identity), involving young people for change and growth.  Pehchaan is a youth driven initiative that provides a variety of services with and for young people.  Pehchaan aims to support adolescents in their goals to be self reliant through several programs.  One of them is the Radio Club.

The Pehchaan Radio Club was one of the ten such clubs Salam Balak Trust, Ankur, ALAMB etc. in nine districts of Delhi. Pehchaan Radio club is a group of young boys and girls who produced, anchored, and broadcast a radio show “Chunoti” (Challenge). The anchor Santosh of the Chunoti program was from Kusum Pur Pahari  and leader of Young Action for Change and Development (YACD) Rangpuri New Delhi.

The FM Rainbow radio show addressed topics ranging from identity, my values , responsibilities to drug abuse and  HIV/AIDS.  The radio clubs began in 2004 in conjunction with ARAVIS, Plan and Plan International, I was the co-producer of the 30 episodes “Chunoti” Radio show on FM Rainbow and Nada India coordinated workshops and club activities in nine districts of Delhi . 

This year on the occasion of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking [26th June ] members of Pehchaan Radio Club expanded their participation in interactive media from radio to street theater, discussion on radio (Apna Radio 96.9 ) and Nada India has been running successfully Radio club at Jawahar BalBhawan Mandi village with the support of Scottish Temperance Alliance for the last two years .

ITYF will be organizing workshops in different parts of India for the setting up of  the Pehchaan Radio clubs through its member organizations. Congratulations to online coordinator and other Nada team members and volunteers!!

The Junior clubs of IOGT and radio clubs in India are examples of drug-free environments where children meet, play and sharpen their life skills . The basis of all these world wide activities, is to encourage children and adolescents to live a life free from alcohol and other drugs and to actively take part in activities and decisions that  affect their lives. Children must have their “Say” in the Media as active stake holders and contribute to world peace by making media more interactive.