“To be honest I feel honoured to be a member of IOGT and to me it is like a dream come true for sure.” (Farida, Cradle of Hope) As new organisations join, IOGT gets stronger and better and together we roll with greater momentum towards life set free…

During this fall, we in the International Board have had the privilege and pleasure to grant membership to a number of exciting new organisations.

To me it is always a special moment to grant membership, to welcome in a new organisation to our global family and to embark on the journey together with them to make the world more free and just, people more healthy and happy and IOGT International a powerful force for change and development.

Earlier this year Kristina introduced you to new members and so I’d like to take the opportunity to the same this autumn. We welcome six new member organisations from three different continents. Check out how this looks like in the minutes.

IOGT International AC minutes #HeartDriven

IOGT International AC minutes #HeartDriven


Cradle of Hope is a fantastic organisation from Tanzania: women led working for equality and the empowerment of women and girls because it is women and girls who drive development.

We received a beautiful letter from Farida, the CEO of Cradle of Hope:

“To be honest I feel honoured to be a member of IOGT and to me it is like a dream come true for sure.”

In this video about our work against gender-based violence, Farida is in action:

In the Americas, we have a fantastic new member organisation called CIJ. I know them very well because I have attended many of their events and have often been inspired by their. Centros de Integración Juvenil, A.C. (CIJ) makes programs and projects of prevention, treatment, social reintegration, research and human resources development in the field of addictions for almost 42 years.

We are so thrilled to have them among our members and look forward to deeper cope ration. This December I will go to Cancun, Mexico to join CIJ for their 15th International Congress with the theme “Public Policy for Addiction Care”.




We are also happy for a new member organisation in Europe, thanks to the work of our youth platform in Europe: Active – sobriety, friendship and peace. We welcome with open arms and hearts the Youth Solidarity Albania.

Also WOCHIVI, IDYDC and Sober UYDEL are magnificent organisations with heart-driven people who dedicate every day to bring about change to East Africa and build a better world for children and young people.

This is a video documenting the work of WOCHIVI, made by Kristina and the IOGT-NTO movement’s international work:

You might wonder why organisations like the ones mentioned here might choose to join IOGT. Wonder no more. Here’s what I write to them in my welcome letter:

We conduct our work worldwide guided by four principles:
– Invest in individuals
– Support families
– Strengthen communities
– Develop societies.

Being full member in IOGT International brings with it a number of great opportunities and benefits:
–  Being an equal part in the global IOGT family and temperance movement with its value base and historic achievements
–  Enjoying Voting rights at the International congresses and deciding about the direction and work of IOGT International
–  Taking active part in countering the practices of the global alcohol industry through our heart-driven efforts
–  Enjoying the promotion of your success stories to a global audience

Other benefits are dependent on resource availability and mutual agreement between IOGT International and the respective member organization:

– Potential access to joining innovative regional and global projects for development, women’s and child rights, Human Rights in general, for alcohol policy advocacy and other relevant issues
– Participation in virtual and real-life exchanges of best practices from among the IOGT membership

– Enjoying a huge treasure of low-threshold activities for individuals, families, and communities, including know-how about their preparation, adaptation to different circumstances, implementation, evaluation and follow-up
– Access to know-how about building, strengthening and developing democratic civil society organisations
– Potential support for innovative and marquee projects and initiatives to promote IOGT values and ideals

And IOGT International members get access to state of the art services for advocacy and campaigning, such as:

–  Research and writing
–  Policy analysis
–  Advocacy Strategizing and Facilitation
–  External communication improvement and campaign designing
–  Organization brand development

In this spirit, welcome to the six new organisations and I also extend it to all the new organisations that are going to join us in the coming months.

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