For 2015, we are in great position to take the Inspire Freedom campaign to the next level. The Community Action Guide provides for a number of actions – and I’m really excited to announce our very first global Inspire Freedom community action day…

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When do you feel free?

I, for example, feel free when I listen to some good music that magically speaks to me.  Another example of when I feel free is when I witness people doing what they are good at and what they love. And I feel very free when people surround me who deeply care for and are engaged in building and forming their communities, their society.

What I enjoy about the Inspire Freedom community action campaign is exactly what I described above. It’s the fact that Inspire Freedom as community action campaign opens up countless possibilities for people to engage themselves by doing what they are good at either together or on their own (and listen to some good music as well).

#InspireFreedom through community actions

#InspireFreedom through community actions

Since its launch, Inspire Freedom has been growing and getting momentum. The Inspire Freedom community action guide has been a hit. We’ve had community actions for the photo shooting and poster pasting. We’ve seen community actions for the Magic Drink. Many different organizations from Europe, Africa and Asia have been running these community actions, as they fit into the respective context. We’ve had a successful seminar at our 68th World Congress and we’ve had an event at the United Nations.

For 2015, we are in great position to take the Inspire Freedom campaign to the next level. The Community Action Guide provides for a number of actions – and I’m really excited to announce our very first global Inspire Freedom community action day.

silent discoWe call it: Inspire Freedom Silent Disco day, on 8th March.

Our Member Organizations from Sri Lanka, Poland, Kenya and Bosnia and Herzegovina have teamed up to make their community action truly global.

They have taken up the idea of arranging a silent disco as a powerful metaphor for the problem we have been highlighting every 25th of each month. Up to 80% of gender-based violence can be alcohol-related. It is a fact that needs to be considered and can’t be ignored. In many contexts alcohol is a trigger or a lubricant for violent acts. We strongly object excusing alcohol-related violence against women and girls and work for a change of this alcohol culture.

Silent disco, as a global community action, is a powerful tool allowing us to show what is happening right in front of our eyes but in silence, all too often ignored and excused. Silence has always been the biggest enemy nurturing a problem. We need to point that out in an engaging way.

We chose the 8th of March 2015 because it is the International Day of Women. On that day, in cities in Kenya, Poland, Sri Lanka and Bosnia and Herzegovina (and more) our members will take over the public squares, dancing silently.

I can’t wait for our global flashmob to inspire freedom – together for women and girls.

Do you want to get involved and arrange a silent disco in your city?
– Stay tuned for more, through our my blog on our website and our newsletter.

Do you wonder what a silent disco is and haven’t really gotten the point?
– Just drop us a message, either in the comments below, through an e-mail, via social media or give me a call.

For facts about alcohol-related violence against women and girls, here is our Inspire Freedom fact sheet…


How to arrange the Inspire Freedom Silent Disco flashmob – everything you need to know…

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The Silent Disco as flashmob has many advantages:
– Low-cost or even no-cost
– Easy and simple to organise
– Attractive and novel way to get attention without disturbing
– Getting in contact with people who are interested
– Fun activity for your organization

That’s why a number of IOGT International Member Organizations are teaming up to arrange a global-local flashmob of Silent Disco on March 8, the International Women’s Day.

What to do if you want to join them and organise your Inspire Freedom Silent Disco?
– Find a good spot for the flashmob (check if you need permission to be there…)
– Prepare attractive material
– Invitation and promotion material
– Information and awareness raising material (fact sheet)
– Petition for people to join our Inspire Freedom cause
– You announce the date (we already know) and time, as well as the place – and all those who want to take part will bring
– their own music on their devices including headphones,
– some orange accessories and the fun can start.
Everyone dances to the songs they choose, in their own rhythm, according to their own mood but yet all together for one cause.

It’s a good idea to have some information with facts on alcohol and gender-based violence printed for curious passers-by. To make it easy for you, we have already prepared it for you – the Inspire Freedom fact sheet with the most relevant facts on the topic of alcohol fuelled violence against women and girls.

One more little advice…
– Make sure to document your Inspire Freedom Silent Disco activity. Like that the whole IOGT movement and world can be part of what you did, share the pictures and your stories about how the flash mob and maybe even see a little video.

March 8 is approaching and we’re getting ready! I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing a lot of great activities. Good luck with your preparations!
#HeartDriven – spirit.