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Mar 8 '21, 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM

– International Women’s Day Event –

A Conversation: Alcohol Harm in Women – The Overlooked Women’s Rights Issue

We want to foster a comprehensive conversation about alcohol as Women’s Rights issue and to explore compelling solutions, including how to collaborate with the Women’s Rights movement to tackle alcohol as a feminist issue.


March 8, 2021


13.30 – 14.45 CET


ZOOM platform


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The concept and purpose

The experts will cover a range of issues and compelling solutions. One of the key questions is: why has the Women’s Rights movement NOT stepped up to address alcohol as a feminist issue and what can be done to change that?

The issues that the conversation will explore, examine are:

  1. Alcohol-fuelled violence against women,
  2. The de-humanization and sexualization of women in alcohol marketing over decades,
  3. Alcohol industry targeting women as “emerging consumer markets”, and
  4. The consequences for women’s health, such as rising numbers of liver cirrhosis, alcohol use disorder etc.

And the conversation will focus on solutions, both in terms of alcohol policy, changing the alcohol norm but also in terms of how to mainstream this conversation into the Women’s Rights movement.

The three main questions to for our experts:

  • What’s the problem, in terms of the above four points?
  • What do we know about solutions – in response to the discussed problems?
  • And where do we start?

The experts

Each of the experts brings outstanding know-how to this conversation regarding different aspects of the questions outlined above.

Often, only alcohol-related violence against women is discussed; or the focus is exclusively on alcohol industry targeting of women as “emerging market”. Of course it is important to have these discussions. But for a comprehensive picture, we would like to look at all aspects and explore ways forward together, building on the different analysis.

  • Dr Amanda Atkinson, Senior Researcher, Public Health Institute at Liverpool John Moores University, and the Principle Investigator on the project “Equalise Nightlife Project“.
  • Aadielah Maker Diedericks, Secretary General, Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance (SAAPA).
  • Rasika Manohari, Programme Officer at the Alcohol and Drug Information Center (ADIC) in Sri Lanka, and Counselor working with women who are victims of violence and other alcohol-related harm.
  • Kristina Sperkova, International President, Movendi International. Kristina will also moderate and guide through the conversation.