Yong Kim Eng is the President of IOGT International’s Member Organization People Center for Development and Peace (PDP-Center). Yong Kim Eng is a dear friend of mine. In Cambodia and the larger ASEAN region, he is a true champion for democracy and Human Rights and the well-being of the people.

I don’t often use big words. But for Kim Eng I only have big words and sometimes even those feel too small. If there’s one person that our phrase “Heart-Driven” was made for, it is him.

January 27 is Holocaust Remembrance Day. And as Kristina has written in her blog, we commemorate it to embrace our humanity, to feel the pain in our hearts for the evil that can emerge when humanity collapses and we commemorate it to resolve to make action in our everyday life, beyond the “never, ever again”.

Kim Eng’s emotional story, told by him in his own words, is a fitting way of remembering the evil of the Khmer Rouge years and of going beyond remembering and stepping up to help build a better, more humane world.