Hypocrasy of Fifa and support for the Brazilian people to defend their well-being against corporate greed…

The FIFA governing body now has taken on the role of marketing beer products in the name of  receiving a portion of the profits (promotion and sponsorship of the World Cup). This is dangerous and will begin to comprise the sports glamour.

The Alcohol industry has always hidden behind sponsorship to aggressively and adversely promote its product  as though alcohol is an ordinary commodity.  FIFA must know that these are two products whichshould not go together and as such they need to be separated. The costs of alcohol induced violence is everywhere in every one’s face. Alcohol has also contributed gravely to many sports men to decline in their football talent because alcohol destroys them.
The Brazilian understands better why alcohol must be far away given their local context.

Fifa wants to dictate the arena and end up leaving behind many problems because they want to combine the two and yet they are different. Solutions to address alcohol cannot be prescribed by a Fifa body promoting sports and having people presenting themselves as Alcohol promoters. The two do not match and it does give lee way to Fifa to change local situations in favor of Alcohol. What about other areas and values, behaviors and habits that need to be promoted?

In fact now there is an increased interest in the global arena to limit and regulate alcohol, many countries are now banning the sale of alcohol in and near stadiums. The cost of increased security will soar and violence that comes along with it is so high for the country to contain.

Alcohol related violence at football matches is unacceptable in all terms because it will leave the country in many problems, while Fifa carries home big profits for both the alcohol industry and itself. The bill of the costs will have to be paid by the Brazilian people. Is that respect and tolerance? Is that fairness?

Mr. Valcke again asserts that Alcoholic drinks are “part of the Fifa World Cup, so we’re going to have them. Excuse me if I sound a bit arrogant but that’s something we won’t negotiate,” he said. He sound arrogant and feels local Brazilian people have no say in his assertion and this undermines sovereignty which Brazil must resist as it has done to other superpowers in areas of HIV where profits must never take priority of peoples health.

The football World Cup is watched by milions young people from all over the world and the alcohol industry is seizing this opportunity to make young people familiar with their product and with the thought that using alcohol is normal and positive, without letting them know the costs on their bodies and other consequences that will arise.

Brazil as a sovereign country must stand its foot. It is her right to determine the public good for its citizens and the parliament must uphold the ban.