Week 27, June 29 – July 03, 2020

Welcome to another week of carefully curated highlights from Alcohol Policy News, Latest Science Digest, Big Alcohol Watch, an Upcoming Event Alert and another Special Feature.

This week, Alcohol Policy News deal with the pregnancy warning label in Australia, an alcohol tax increase in Oman, the efficacy of prevention across generations and a brand new podcast of WHO Europe that discusses alcohol labeling…

The Latest Science Digest covers the latest WHO Europe report about alcohol pricing policies and a new research article examining the effects of drug prevention interventions across generations…

In this week’s Big Alcohol Watch we expose Big Alcohol’s lobby campaign against alcohol taxation in Australia and how the alcohol industry uses the COVID-19 crisis in the United States to lobby for more deregulation of alcohol laws…

The Special Feature this week sheds more light on latest alcohol policy developments across Sub-Saharan Africa, where some countries move to improve their repsonse to alcohol harm and other countries move to favor the interests of the alcohol industry…

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  • New WHO Europe Report Confirms Alcohol Price Matters Greatly.
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  • “Outcomes of Childhood Preventive Intervention Across 2 Generations – A Nonrandomized Controlled Trial”
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Alcohol marketing in the WHO European Region: Update report on the evidence and recommended policy actions

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Special Feature

Latest Alcohol Harm and Policy in Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa carries the heaviest burden of alcohol harm in the world, relative to its level of alcohol use. Alcohol harm places a have strain on people, families, communities and societies at large. And while the alcohol policy systems to address this harm are often weak and frequently non-existent, transnational alcohol corporations are pushing into the so-called emerging markets to secure the profits of today and tomorrow.

This conflict between health and development for all on the one side and profits for Big Alcohol shareholders and business executives on the other side is now even more amplified by the coronavirus crisis and its consequences.

As this week’s special feature shows, different African countries are responding in different ways. Some are following the siren songs of the alcohol industry. Other countries are following state-of-the-art evidence.

The Alcohol Policy Situation in East Africa During COVID-19

Must-read blog post by William Ntakuka

The Alcohol Policy Situation in East Africa During COVID-19

Recent developments in West and Southern Africa: